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CastleVania-The Tragic Prince CastleVania-The Tragic Prince

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Wow, a good Castlevania remix on NG? thats rare, the ones I looked for were complete and utter crap, then I found this gem, I would suggest redoing it, Im sure you could make it sound a whole lot better, I would like to see a Bloody Tears or Simons theme even.

GoreBastard responds:

Cheers mate. I actually recorded this twice. The first time round sounded better, but my computer crashed and I didn't save it!!!
You're right, if I did this today, since I've learned alot more about recording I could make is sound so much better. Maybe if I find the time I'll remake this along with a few other older ones I've got on here.

Funny you should mention the Simpsons theme, I was thinking about doing a really heavy version of it! haha

Thanks for checking it out mate!